Track Record of Public Issues of Equity
Rashi Peripherals Ltd 14 Feb 2024
Apeejay Surendra Park Hotels Ltd 12 Feb 2024
Innova Captab Limited 29 Dec 2023
Happy Forgings Limited 27 Dec 2023
Muthoot Microfin Limited 26 Dec 2023
DOMS Industries Limited 20 Dec 2023
Tata Technologies Limited 30 Nov 2023
Fedbank Financial Services Limited 30 Nov 2023
ASK Automotive Limited 15 Nov 2023
Honasa Consumer Limited 07 Nov 2023
Cello World Limited 06 Nov 2023
JSW Infrastructure Limited 03 Oct 2023
Samhi Hotels Limited 22 Sep 2023
Zaggle Prepaid Ocean Services Limited 22 Sep 2023
R R Kabel Limited 20 Sep 2023
Jupiter Life Line Hospitals Limited 18 Sep 2023
TVS Supply Chain Solutions Limited 23 Aug 2023
Cyient DLM Limited 10 Jul 2023
Avalon Technologies Limited 18 Apr 2023
Elin Electronics limited 30 Dec 2022
Uniparts India Limited 12 Dec 2022
Bikaji Foods International Limited 16 Nov 2022
Global Health Limited 16 Nov 2022
Electronics Mart India Limited 17 Oct 2022
Paradeep Phosphates Limited 27 May 2022
Life Insurance Corporation of India 17 May 2022
Campus Activewear Limited 09 May 2022
AGS Transact Technologies Limited 31 Jan 2022
CMS Info Systems Ltd 31 Dec 2021
Data Patterns (India) Limited 24 Dec 2021
C.E. Info Systems Limited 21 Dec 2021
Tega Industries Limited 13 Dec 2021
Go Fashion (India) Limited 30 Nov 2021
Sapphire Foods India Limited 18 Nov 2021
FSN E-Commerce Ventures Limited 10 Nov 2021
Aditya Birla Sun Life AMC Limited 10 Nov 2021
Krsnaa Diagnostics Limited 16 Aug 2019
Rolex Rings Limited 09 Aug 2021
Tatva Chintan Pharma Chem Limited 29 Jul 2021
Clean Science and Technology Limited 19 Jul 2021
Sona BLW Precision Forgings Limited 24 Jun 2021
Macrotech Developers Limited 19 Apr 2021
Anupam Rasayan Limited 24 Mar 2021
Easy Trip Planners Limited 19 Mar 2021
MTAR Technologies Limited 15 Mar 2021
Stove Kraft Limited 05 Feb 2021
Burger King India Limited 14 Dec 2020
Equitas Small Finance Bank Limited 02 Nov 2020
UTI Asset Management Company Limited 12 Oct 2020
Mazagon Dock Shipbuilders Limited 12 Oct 2020
Ideaforge Technology Limited 07 Jul 2023
Archean Chemical industries limited 21 Nov 2022
Fusion Micro Finance limited 15 Nov 2022
Harsha Engineers International Limited 26 Sep 2022
India Pesticides Limited 05 Jul 2021
Shyam Metalics and Energy Limited 24 Jun 2021


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