Every employee bears testimony to the fact that a commitment to people benefits and highest standards of customer satisfaction distinguish us from our peers.

The JM Financial Culture Edifice stands rock-solid on these 7 virtues.

JM Financial believes that a motivated work force defines the growth potential of an organization and we recognize and reward work inputs of personnel not only by way of promotions, whopping bonuses and awards but through a variety of vehicles. Management and senior leadership publicly laud every deal through congratulatory emails. This has resulted in creating an official atmosphere abuzz with the feeling of success. Team efforts are also appreciated by the CEO through mails when good client ratings and customer reviews are received.

Nurturing is all about preparing the employee for the second rung by creating a succession plan. JM Financial has always fostered an atmosphere of inclusion by encouraging the next level to directly interact with clients, pitch for deals and take the lead on closing mandates. Knowledge sharing and cross-functional interactions are at the core of our business environment.

Building and consolidating our talent pool has always been a top priority initiative and we have been successful in attracting varied talent that brings sound expertise, new perspectives and infectious enthusiasm to the job. A strong brand presence in the market has helped JM Financial to leverage the expertise of its empanelled business partners in helping to study, survey and attract the best talent in the market.

While we place top emphasis on the merits of individual performance, we also work towards achieving a common Group vision. In an age and day when modern-day corporate professionals have to walk a tightrope between juggling multiple assignments and high-pressure deadlines, JM Financial has ensured a steady team performance as every member of its team does not shudder from shouldering extra work responsibility. We facilitate active information sharing across different group levels through open communication channels helping us deliver value to our clients.

Trust at JM Financial is the bond holding the organization, its programs, people and its clientele together. The Firm implements various interventions that create an atmosphere of transparency across levels and facilitates two-way communication. “Trust” is a value and a firm belief in the reliability, truth, ability, or strength of someone or something. Trust is the driving force for all activities at JM Financial.

JM Financial is an organization which believes in growing along with its people. Over the years, we have sourced into our existing talent pool within the organization to appoint promising employees to positions of CEOs. This stems from the firm’s commitment to provide growth opportunities to individuals to move up the ladder. The organization provides ample growth and development opportunities which are complimented by a strong support system conducive to honing skills and qualities to create a strong future leadership.
We boast of a high employee retention rate with a large part of the work force remaining within the organization fold for over a decade. The employee-friendly policies and credibility of JM Financial can be gauged from the fact that several employees who had left the company earlier have rejoined our ranks.

Great People

Our employees are our #1 competitive advantage


The undying spirit of excellence and passion for new ideas is appreciated

Client Focus

The success of our clients is our biggest reward


The entrepreneur always searches for change as a stimuli, responds to it and exploits it as an opportunity


  • Only those who dare to fail greatly can ever achieve greatly
  • To win without risk is to triumph without glory

We Listen

to our employees’ views, their needs and aspirations

We Re-confirm

with our employees that we have understood their needs correctly

We Action

formulate appropriate action plans for employees with different skill sets

We Take

feedback on the various actions and initiatives taken by us and implement them

We Assess

the feedback received and modify our actions to suit employee sensibilities in the best possible manner

We Communicate

back to the employees on the actions that we take or propose to implement

The Organization firmly believes in encouraging fun at work. These activities take place in the form of:

The main objective for sports to be incorporated in the work-life culture at JM Financial is to create a platform for employees to get together and enjoy various sporting activities, foster a habit of team-work and healthy competition by using sports as a medium, promote a healthy work-life balance and an opportunity to de-stress by engaging in sports.

Through the Culture Club, we aim to -
  • Foster and Develop the JM Financial Culture
  • Assist in the process of making the workplace more vibrant & spirited
  • Ensure fun at work
  • Inculcate a feeling of belonging & togetherness
  • Encourage extra-curricular, social / cultural activities

Industry recognition and awards stand testimony to our commitment towards being a progressive workplace.

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We offer opportunities that lead to worthy careers with flexible roles and professional success for motivated employees.

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