JM Financial Private Equity (“JMFPE”) partners with entrepreneurs and management teams who have the vision to build scalable and sustainable businesses, as well as the determination to consummate their vision. Our investment team’s strength and expertise in identifying relevant value–creation opportunities, combined with our disciplined process and focused approach to investing helps us back high-quality businesses, and add value to those businesses, to achieve superior risk-adjusted returns.

As part of the JM Financial Group, JMFPE stands to benefit from its vast network of business relationships cultivated over the last four decades, as well as its demonstrated deal sourcing and research capabilities. The Group’s inherent strengths combined with our team’s deep industry expertise and financial experience help JMFPE accelerate growth and create lasting shareholder value for our investee companies.

Mr. Darius Pandole
Mr. Darius Pandole
MD & CEO, Private Equity & Equity AIFs

Darius Pandole is the Managing Director & CEO of the Private Equity Fund Management business of the Group.

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