Asset Reconstruction

JM Financial Asset Reconstruction Company Limited is a Securitisation and Reconstruction company, registered with the Reserve Bank of India (RBI), under the Securitisation and Reconstruction of Financial Assets and Enforcement of Security Interest (SARFAESI) Act, 2002. We are engaged in the business of acquiring non-performing financial assets from banks / financial institutions and resolving them.
Our business forte comes from our professionally managed team, high capital base and tailor-made acquisition and resolution strategies; which have enabled us to become one of India’s leading asset reconstruction companies.
The team at JM Financial Asset Reconstruction Company believes in strong corporate governance, work ethics and transparency in all its dealings...   

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JM Financial Asset Reconstruction Company applies a scientific approach for acquisition of assets. We offer flexible acquisition structures to selling banks and financial institutions, for their distressed assets across sectors and geographies. Our acquisition processes are governed by our Financial Asset Acquisition Policy, framed under the extant guidelines for Asset Reconstruction Companies (ARCs).

Though the thrust is on acquiring assets which possess locked potential for revival, we also acquire accounts which are non-operational, referred to the Board for Industrial and Financial Reconstruction (BIFR), failed restructuring cases, etc.

We believe in limited outsourcing, and therefore the major activities of acquisition, including pre-acquisition due diligence of distressed accounts, are undertaken by an efficient in-house team. A quality oriented approach to acquisition of assets is in place, and the process is systematically monitored by our proficient asset acquisition committee.

JM Financial Asset Reconstruction Company’s resolution activities revolve around the core idea of maximisation of realisation from each distressed account it acquires. Our resolution strategies are geared towards reviving the accounts in the interest of all stakeholders.
Under the extant Reserve Bank of India (RBI) guidelines, Asset Reconstruction Companies (ARCs) are empowered to adopt one of the following resolution strategies or a combination thereof, for reconstruction of the acquired assets:

  • Change in or takeover of management of the business of the borrower
  • Sale or lease of part or whole of the business of the borrower
  • Rescheduling of payment of debts payable by the borrower
  • Enforcement of security interest
  • Settlement of dues payable by the borrower
  • Convert any portion of debt into shares of a borrower company

The choice of resolution strategy primarily depends on the operations of the borrower, quality and expertise of the company’s top management and marketability of the company’s assets. The resolution mechanism we implement is fair, transparent and closely monitored by our asset resolution committee. Our resolution processes are governed by our Financial Asset Resolution Policy, framed under the extant guidelines for ARCs. The aim is always to adopt a resolution strategy that is fully compliant and in accordance with the extant RBI guidelines.

Being driven by the value that the primary objective in resolution should always be to revive viable accounts, before enforcing security or settling them; is what sets our philosophy apart.


Mr. V P Shetty
Mr. V P Shetty
Non-Executive Chairman

Mr. V. P. Shetty is presently the Chairman of JM Financial Asset Reconstruction Company Limited, JM Financial Asset Management Limited and JM Financial Products Limited.

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Mr. Srinivasan V
Mr. Srinivasan V
Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Srinivasan V is the Chief Executive Officer of JM Financial Asset Reconstruction Company Limited.

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