JM Financial Services unveils “Investories –Anecdotes from the Financial World” packed with timeless investment advice

Mumbai, November 22, 2019: JM Financial Services Ltd. the dedicated brokerage services arm of JM Financial Group, today unveiled its latest offering, titled “Investories-Anecdotes from the Financial World”

The book was launched with great fanfare in Mumbai by Mr. Ashishkumar Chauhan, CEO-Bombay Stock Exchange at Title Waves on Nov 22, 2019.

“Investories” is a collection of bite-sized learnings in understanding the capital markets especially as investors are being increasingly exposed to multiple avenues for investments as well as multiple intermediaries, platforms and regulations.

In its constant endeavour towards investor education, JM Financial Services has lent paper to the thoughts and words of Mr. Amit Trivedi the author of Investories.

Speaking on the occasion, Mr. Subodh Shinkar, Managing Director & CEO, JM Financial Services said, “We had been considering a book that would be an assortment of timeless principles that just doesn’t bury the reader under charts, stats or graphs, but talks about the subject in an engaging and simplistic manner. We couldn’t have asked for a better collaborator than Mr. Amit Trivedi. His thoughts and approach resonated with the firm’s philosophy of investor education awareness and transparency.”

Mr. Amit Trivedi said, "I have been interacting with a number of investors and investment advisors across the country for quite some time now. I have realized that investors have many questions and doubts when it comes to investing. So, there was a need to put things in perspective and bring out various lessons that would help them make smart investment decisions. It was no surprise that the views of JM Financial Services were also quite similar. As a result, we decided to collaborate on this project. I believe that such initiatives by large firms like JM Financial Services go a long way in empowering the investors, by spreading the right message."

Mr. Trivedi is a highly acclaimed author and financial products and sales trainer. He has conducted several distributor training workshops and investor education seminars. He has painstakingly researched every story and brought them to life with his simple and lucid words.

The book reveals the common mistakes that many investors make, the pitfalls and traps to avoid and the modus operandi that goes into selecting the right investment vehicle. With real life anecdotes, Mr. Trivedi prepares the reader for the reality of the world of investing whether they are beginners or veterans of the markets.

The book will be available in all major bookstores and can also be ordered online on Amazon.


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